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The Jewellery Connection: A Global Language Of Precious Stones

Jewellery goes beyond the charming gems that adorn our bodies. Many of us wear jewellery that represents something personal to us. It usually has sentimental value because it’s been gifted to us by a special person in our lives or symbolises a moment.

The emotional and cultural importance of jewellery stretches far back in human history and is evident in every society in the world. This common denominator is just one of the many ways the global community has remained connected — despite the ever-present cultural differences.

What Does Jewellery Represent To You?

Jewellery has many functions in society. It can indicate relationship status, wealth, occupation, and religion. For many people, it’s also a tool for empowerment. The majority of the world's mined gold is owned by various households, and it’s been a source of financial security for centuries along with being an heirloom.

In some societies, wearing gold jewellery is reserved for women, as a store of wealth and a means of adornment.

For many though, jewellery is all about expression. The desire for self-expression transcends all cultures and is one of the main drivers for jewellery sales around the world. Regardless of your background or social status, everyone has a desire to show their individuality. You can communicate your values, heritage, and culture through jewellery. It’s an unspoken language that breaks down barriers and allows you to make a powerful statement about who you are.

Breaking Down Barriers Through Sustainability

Sustainability, ethical sourcing, and corporate social responsibility have all become a driving force in the jewellery industry. The biggest reason for this shift is due to consumer demand and a growing awareness of environmental and ethical issues. While this trend holds the most influence over the European market, it’s also growing in popularity across the Middle East and Asia.

The world is now paying closer attention to the materials used in their products. From wanting to know who is manufacturing their clothing, and whether their food is ethically farmed, people are increasingly questioning how the diamonds they buy are mined as well.

Jewellery trends have changed dramatically over the years to accommodate this shift in consciousness. Lab diamonds have emerged as a modern alternative to mined diamonds and consumers are also demanding higher ethical standards of certain gemstones. Elsewhere, recycled gold is also becoming more commonplace.

Stronger Together!

As the world shrinks and we become more connected, fashion influences are spreading faster and travelling further than ever before. It’s one of the reasons why jewellery trends are becoming more globalised and the barriers between cultures are increasingly breaking down.

From royalty to citizens, jewellery is a universally treasured form of self-expression that’s valued by all people in all places. And even as jewellery fashion trends have changed and evolved over the decades, it’s still one of the most cherished heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. So, embrace your love of jewellery — it’s one of the elements that still connects us and makes us stronger together.

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