Soeurs Jewellery represents the natural bond between sisters. Sisterhood goes beyond blood relationships — it is a term that stands for unity and shared experience between women all over the world. The bond of sisterhood is one that transcends borders and culture, connecting us all. With this in mind, Soeurs Jewellery was created as a way to honour this special relationship. We celebrate this connection through the unique sisterhood emblem, which can be found on each piece of jewellery we create. This beautiful symbol not only verifies the authenticity of your Soeurs piece, but it also reflects the powerful and universal tie between sisters.

Our brand has been founded by a British born and Dubai based female-entrepreneur, who also happens to be an elder sibling to a jewellery enthusiast. We bring together the best of British and Emirati talent. This multi-cultural blend is expressed in each of our pieces as a celebration of unity in diversity.

We centre ethical values in each step of our jewellery-making process, and we are committed to offering high-quality jewellery pieces, without sacrificing our core beliefs. From sourcing to designing, we work closely with our team of skilled artisans who are passionate about their craft. As a core philosophy of the brand, we are our commitment to driving sustainable practices, which you can explore further here. 5% of every sale will be donated to Cancer Research UK via Work for Good

Soeurs Jewellery delights in the opportunity to develop a global sisterhood with the help of passionate jewellery buyers and fashion enthusiasts. We seek to create stunning jewellery pieces that encapsulate quality while celebrating connection, creativity, and empowerment. And we would love for you to join us on our quest to spread the spirit. Through our shared love of jewellery, we can further develop the unity of sisterhood and elevate our fellow sisters across the globe. We also welcome all men who support and uplift the women in their lives – their mothers, wives, sisters, partners, sisters, and daughters – you are a part of this journey, as we continue to build on the 'for him' collection.

Join our community today and help us make a difference, “because there’s one thing stronger than magic — Sisterhood”.


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