Get involved and support our sustainable effort

We care about the environment and world in which we live and work in, therefore where possible we use recycled and ethically sourced materials.  We offer an economical packaging option of a small pouch as opposed to the boxes we use, therefore, to use sustainable packaging please select this option at the checkout.


Making an impact

We aim to support and empower communities who need our support the most, therefore we are humbled to have the opportunity to support our chosen communities, which you can learn more about below.  Every time you make a purchase from Soeurs, you are giving a small little chance to someone who needs it the most.

We donate a percentage of our sales value to communities that support female empowerment around the world. When you buy from Soeurs Jewellery, you’re not only helping realise a sisterhood dream, buying local and supporting a brand to grow but you’re also making a difference to several communities that support female empowerment and inclusion.


Women of Worth (India)

Running everything from mental-health talks to self-defence workshops, this Chennai-based charity is leading young women into a new era of empowerment, enabling girls to use their voices, learn about their rights, stand up for themselves and become leaders in the workforce, ready to take their place in modern India. WOW began life in 2006, working in schools and running conferences across Tamil Nadu, and has spread nationwide, with an outpost in West Bengal and regular outreach in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. This year the organisation is focusing on the UN objective of gender equality, running activities that focus on gender bias and inequality in the workplace.

As well as its extensive range of training, WOW manages a grass-roots support programme where a network of peer leaders are trained to work in their local neighbourhoods and support any girls or women facing challenges and difficulties in their domestic, school or work environments. The charity also provides a free counselling service to support survivors of abuse.

For more information on how to get involved visit:


Hatch (UK)

Hatch support underrepresented entrepreneurs [including women and founders from ethnic minority backgrounds] to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to launch and grow a business. They do this through delivering workshops, events, and 1-2-1 volunteering support, connecting entrepreneurs in a vibrant supportive community, and building networks and partnerships with other organisations who share their vision.

Since 2014, Hatch has supported more than 5,000 entrepreneurs on their journey to build sustainable, impactful businesses, bringing them together with the experience and skills of more than 1000 mentors and coaches in the process. Up until early 2020, the majority of the entrepreneurs they worked with were based in London and the Southeast.

For more information on how to get involved visit:


Action Aid (International)

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty. ActionAid was founded in 1972, working with local communities in India and Kenya. Their programmes focused on meeting local needs in areas including education, health, and livelihoods.

They support people from poor and marginalised communities to challenge injustice and claim the rights they are entitled to. They also work with local communities to improve livelihoods, increase access to water, gain access to basic healthcare and find new ways of making a living. Today, they work with more than 15 million people living in more than 40 of the world’s poorest countries.

For more information on how to get involved visit:


Diamonds do Good

The team at Diamonds Do Good support initiatives that develop and empower people in diamond communities worldwide, the organization looks to fund programs that have proven success in providing youth with high-quality education, including leadership development and entrepreneurial skills building.  Youth throughout Africa, Canada and in India's Gujarat State have already benefitted from the education programs provided from the charity.

For more information on how to get involved visit:


“There is strength in sisterhood.”